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Restoration Links:

Vintage and Auto Rebuilds, Inc.

For Restoration and Repair of RR Silver Ghost

Recommended NZ Restorer

 Model T Haven

This friend buys and sells unrestored veteran cars, specializing in Model T Fords.  Take a look.


Classic cars from all over the world.

Old cars are hard to find- - - sometimes
Try here!

For all your veteran motoring.



The place where all dedicated car lovers and restorers will find help.

For all your antique ignition needs.

Model T Ford Parts

Car Club Links

Skagit-Snohomish Region of the

Horseless Carriage Club of America


Horseless Carriage Club of New Zealand


Veteran Motor Car Club of America


Montana 500 is a 40 year old group dedicated to racing stock Model Ts

Horseless Carriage Club of America

Other Interesting Links:

Tom Laferriere's Unique Toys

Eric Anninger

A private collection

Well worth a visit.

HH Franklin Club Inc.