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about Veteran Auto Lamps:

Our motto is:

Quality before quantity



Another order sent out recently was 3 specialty radiator caps for Bugatti’s… these will be plated and have springs added.  We intend to try another process for these on the next run which should improve the shape authenticity and also minimize processing challenges.

“Received the caps today, thank you for mailing them to me so quick.   They look fine.” 

John, Taupo, NZ  


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“I was very pleased to receive the cowl lamps that you repaired for me today.  They look great. I'm sure they were not this good when new. Thanks for your  efforts and I look forward to doing business again should the need arise.”

Joe Goss


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I got my Corcoran generator from Veteran Auto Lamps and it was terrific.  You could not have found a better made lamp anywhere.  It will look great on my 1910 Model 10.  They are wonderful people to deal with! 

Mike Wedin


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Thank you for letting me know about your time table regarding the restoration of my E&J lamps.  Please know that I chose Veteran Auto Lamps for both quality and the trust that we have for each other.  Please continue to hold my lamps on your list for doing the restoration work on them.  

Bob Shin



The lamps arrived yesterday in good shape. They are wonderful, and, again, I would like to thank you and Ken for getting them done so soon. Please tell Ken how much I admire job he did on the lamps. 
I will send you some pictures once they are mounted. 


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The lamps have arrived at Mike Burns and he is VERY VERY Pleased.  So I'm pleased as well.  

Thanks for the quality job.


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Dear Sir,
I have received the Scintilla headlamps in good order and I'm deeply impressed by the work you have done: amazing! 
Thank you for you help,
Yours, Simon Klopper
PS more lamps to follow!
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The lamp looks very nice, Ken your restoration work is a credit to you, many thanks .
Regards, Graham 

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Both Potato horns arrived here, safe and sound (no pun intended). 
The two horns look Great! I can't believe the transformation. 
Thank you again for your help on all this. Now let me see, what do you suppose my next project will be . . . . . . . . 
Thanks, Doug Tomb.

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Lamps arrived safely, no damage. You are right the lamp are beautiful.  Tell him that I am sorry that the had to use bad words when he was working on them.
Thanks Dale

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I like your personality! You're a good person.
Be proud of your craftsmanship.  Your reputation is excellent.  Bill Barth, one of the "legends" in Model T restoration here in the states, happens to live about 1 1/2 hours from here.  Take satisfaction in knowing that when I told him I ordered my brass from you, he said you were "One of the best" and that it was a "Good decision".  Heck, I knew that before I ordered!!!
Good press from him means a lot here. Really.



He outdid himself on the square side lamps!
Again, I can't thank you enough for the fine workmanship on these restorations; also for saving me the aggravation of finding someone to work on lamps other than for a Model T!  It will be a while yet, but I will email you some shots of the completed Model 14.
Thank you,
Joe Kieliszek
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A most beautiful gas generator arrived in the Post today! WOW! What a transformation from the sorry state it was in when I sent it down. Very impressive! I have already examined it thoroughly, inside and out.
I am headed to the HCCA Doylestown swap meet in Pennsylvania this next Sunday.  Maybe I will even bring the generator to show off as an example of your output.  Once I get back, I will get the generator fitted to the Buick.
Thanks again, Doug Tomb.

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To loosely quote Meredith Wilson's musical, The Music Man, "I've never seen anything so beautiful as these shiny gold things." Thank you!   Daryl & Kathy 
Daryl Kemmerer purchased new reproduction E&J 666 head lamps

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I just received a set of Corcoran side and tail lamps made by Veteran Auto Lamps.  They are exquisite and well worth the price.  You could not imagine a more pleasant couple to deal with.  If you look at their site's For Sale page, you'll see the little gold plated miniature lamps I make occasionally.  

Harold Sharon

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I just received the new Corcoran lamp today. It looks great.  I am very impressed by the quality and workmanship of your product.  I am looking forward to purchasing the two headlamps and possibly the side lamps when you have them ready.  It is a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to the next time for the headlamps. 
Thanks, Blair Brooksby


The lamp has arrived.  The lamp is a work of art.  I am sure the original was not nearly as perfect as the one you made for me.  I look forward to additional models you are going to produce.  I was on the phone last night with Ralph McNeal and he remarked that you both were very gracious and glad he had the opportunity to meet you.
Again thank you for the great workmanship.
Clem Campbell

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