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  Corcoran Head Lamps 

 DCP_3904.jpg (89438 bytes)

Burners are an optional extra.

All our manufactured head lamps use glass mirrored reflectors.

DCP_3905.jpg (108324 bytes)  DCP_3906.jpg (136941 bytes)

7 1/2" and 9" measured across the front, with a body diameter of 6 3/4".  The difference is in the flair size only.

Both these lamp sizes fit a fork mount that is 7 1/8" 

The 7 1/2" sized Corcoran head lamps measures 8 1/2" length and 8" height. 

DCP_3788.jpg (299232 bytes) Partly manufactured headlamps beside our pattern lamp. DCP_3789.jpg (362760 bytes)
Most spinings are now done on site using one of our three spinning lathes: DCP_3720.jpg (111858 bytes)

DCP_4913.jpg (90117 bytes)

Hinge pins:

DCP_3795.jpg (29434 bytes)

Laser cut hinges:

  DCP_4918.jpg (96573 bytes)  DCP_4922.jpg (106856 bytes)  DCP_4916.jpg (59593 bytes)

7 1/2" Corcoran head lamps

DCP_3890.jpg (115587 bytes)  DCP_3905 9 inch.jpg (108324 bytes)

9" Corcoran head lamps