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  Corcoran Side & Tail Lamps 

Interesting information:

There are 41 separate components to one side light, not counting any rivets.

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DCP_3885.jpg (440296 bytes)

DCP_3889.jpg (140555 bytes)

DCP_3948.jpg (68254 bytes)

Corcoran side and tail lamp.jpg (44574 bytes)

To the left are our prototypes.

To the right are components and formers.

Dcp_0985.jpg (64743 bytes)
Spinings, spun on site.

DCP_3673.jpg (90630 bytes)

DCP_3758.jpg (127056 bytes)

DCP_3727.jpg (66238 bytes)


Ken, working on separate components. 


Comparing smoke stack parts to the original.

DCP_4126.jpg (78608 bytes)

DCP_4276.jpg (141048 bytes)

DCP_4124.jpg (60158 bytes) DCP_4125.jpg (81194 bytes)

NZ lamp on Franklin 001.jpg (410830 bytes)

Corcoran Side lamp featured on Harold Sharon's Franklin.