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Divers Bell Indicators
Divers Bell Balls

 Divers Bell Tail Lights:


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RR Special:

DCP_7724.jpg (272141 bytes)

DCP_7725.jpg (72845 bytes)

Indicator lamps:

DCP_4638.jpg (78504 bytes)

Click here for the Indicator Page.

Now in black:  

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DCP_3685.jpg (23890 bytes) DCP_3687.jpg (28634 bytes) DCP_3686.jpg (18287 bytes)

DCP_4344.jpg (34122 bytes) Rotax brass

DCP_4343.jpg (34430 bytes)
DCP_4345.jpg (59768 bytes) Complete with stop and tail bulb. DCP_4346.jpg (85007 bytes)

and Rotax nickel type

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DCP_4457.jpg (81798 bytes) DCP_4455.jpg (98054 bytes) DCP_4448.jpg (34108 bytes)
The above double contact socket with plug and thimble is an optional extra.

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DCP_3489.jpg (28402 bytes)   DCP_3490.jpg (34995 bytes)

Mvc-026s.jpg (39648 bytes)

These beautifully hand crafted 3 1/2" diameter  Divers Bell tail lamps are exact replicas of an original.  They have a 2 1/8" rearward facing red beveled lens, a 2 1/8" clear beveled lens shining to the number plate, and a 1" clear beveled lens shining to the side.  They are mounted by a casting to the back of the light.  The name badge has VAL on it and differs from the original slightly, and these lights are fitted with a 12 volt stop and tail lamp bulb ready for wiring.

Single white baclground.jpg (6961 bytes)    Single white.jpg (6676 bytes)    Single 1.jpg (13148 bytes)

The completed lamp has been nickel plated to the highest possible standard giving a jewel like image that will compliment the best of restorations.

Manufactured pieces.jpg (41796 bytes)   Badge.jpg (8071 bytes)

These lamps begin from a flat sheet of copper, then are spun over a ball like former.  The former needs to be taken apart, piece by piece, from the inside of the newly formed copper 'ball' that becomes the main body of this unique tail lamp.

Click here to see how we make these balls.

We are now spinning the ball for these lamps here on site.