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These are more detailed photos of the

E & J  Generators

Base mount & side mounted

and how they are made

To the right, Ken is working on  E&J generators.  Overseen by Bobby as Quality Control Officer.

In order to get this pristine finish, a lot of Ken's work is done by hand.

E&J Generator tops.jpg (56099 bytes)

Kathy and George are now taking orders for the next run of generators.  Both E&J. side mount and base mount.

Dcp_0301.jpg (44457 bytes)


Dcp_0296.jpg (46078 bytes)


Dcp_0297.jpg (43703 bytes)

Dcp_0298.jpg (51565 bytes)

Dcp_0588.jpg (6588 bytes)

Dcp_0299.jpg (42609 bytes)

Dcp_0587.jpg (6844 bytes)

E&J Generator 1.jpg (13416 bytes)   E&J Generator 2.jpg (11726 bytes)

Finished Generators.

E&J Generator 3.jpg (10994 bytes)   E&J Generator 4.jpg (12015 bytes)

Dcp_0606.jpg (14434 bytes)

   Dcp_0605.jpg (13689 bytes)

   Dcp_0604.jpg (10310 bytes)

Dcp_0637.jpg (19125 bytes)

Generator mount.

Dcp_0638.jpg (11566 bytes)

Side Mount

Dcp_1179.jpg (19931 bytes)

DCP_8506.jpg (239838 bytes)

DCP_8505.jpg (244156 bytes)

Our pattern generator 

DCP_6534.jpg (65996 bytes)

DCP_7015.jpg (5360 bytes)

DCP_6535.jpg (81840 bytes)

Side mount casting patterns

DCP_8513.jpg (59106 bytes)

DCP_8514.jpg (65085 bytes)

DCP_8516.jpg (66395 bytes)

Completed generators

Showing the top band & mounting bracket

Measurements of the E&J side mounted generator:

Height:  14"

Lower tank diameter:  6 1/4"

Top tank diameter:  5"

Contact Kathy direct .