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New Lines:

En-scripted smoke bonnet tops:

DCP_8386.jpg (52755 bytes)

We have manufactured the tooling for the smoke stack sections including the top.

DCP_8388.jpg (25836 bytes)

DCP_8421.jpg (61748 bytes)  DCP_8422.jpg (121624 bytes)



Early E&J Side lamp front flair:

DCP_8391.jpg (34051 bytes)

We have manufactured the tooling for the flair on the front of the early E&J side lamps.

DCP_8390.jpg (19882 bytes)



E&J Side & tail lamp fonts:


DCP_8236.jpg (42862 bytes)We now have manufactured the tool for both the early and the late E&J side and tail lamp fonts.  The early font is towards the left.  The later font is often black and brass.  To the right is our originals that were used as patterns.

DCP_6395.jpg (52213 bytes)

DCP_8362.jpg (22874 bytes)



Side & tail lamp brackets:

DCP_8042.jpg (63770 bytes)

These can be cast as needed.  Please be aware that bronze or brass side mount brackets vibrate more than steel brackets.  This becomes more noticeable with one cylinder cars.

DCP_8043.jpg (36258 bytes)