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Restoring lights is an extremely time consuming occupation.  Most people, who are not familiar with this, have absolutely no concept of the time factor.  It is not uncommon for us to spend 30 to 40 hours on one sidelight alone, especially if separate components are to be hand crafted for this lamp.

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Beware of chemically stripping:

From this: To this:
  DCP_6980.jpg (75343 bytes)  DCP_6977.jpg (91099 bytes) These lamps have come to us after someone else has chemically stripped them.  They have been in the chemical solution for too long and the different metals have dissolved out at different rates leaving the pitted effect detailed in the photos below.
DCP_6979 orange peal.jpg (9945 bytes)  DCP_6978 orange peal.jpg (118458 bytes) DCP_6975 orange peal.jpg (22632 bytes)
This entails much hand sanding and is not always completely reparable.  Please be careful if you are having your lamps stripped yourself.  We have received several items in this state and we can only repair this damage as best we can.  Below, left, is a successful section of repaired lamp rim.  Below, right, this rim is repaired to our best.  This is has been many hours of labor.
DCP_6976.jpg (75654 bytes)   DCP_7024.jpg (90638 bytes)   DCP_7488.jpg (127895 bytes)


From this: To this:
    DCP_4842.jpg (111788 bytes)   DCP_6909.jpg (135441 bytes)
We have now manufactured the tooling needed to restore these large 3 tier E&J side lamps.  We have several of these still to restore this month.  If you are needing your large lamps restored, now is the time to send them to us.
   DCP_6769.jpg (29501 bytes)   DCP_6885.jpg (52398 bytes)
New reproduction fonts, with the original inserts and burners.  But, if needed, we can install new burners.
    DCP_6752.jpg (74087 bytes) The reflectors have been chemically stripped and re-nickeled.  The original red jewels were reinstalled but all other glass is new.  We do supply jewels when needed.
    DCP_6756.jpg (71201 bytes)   DCP_6757.jpg (49173 bytes)
In order to retain as much of the original lamp as possible,  we have here, new spinnings with the original inner pieces for each tier.  There is also a new top (logo) tier on these lamps.
   DCP_6695.jpg (34083 bytes)   DCP_6697.jpg (83649 bytes)
Above shows the old split font neck.  To the right is a reproduction font neck soldered in place with other original components.
   DCP_6772.jpg (48487 bytes) Here we have the completed smoke stacks with new top outer spinnings on each tier and other original parts.
These lamps belong to Chad Windham.

From this: To this:
      DCP_7757.jpg (39471 bytes)  DCP_7775.jpg (22803 bytes)     DCP_7776.jpg (19962 bytes)

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  DCP_7884.jpg (86698 bytes)   DCP_8080.jpg (50842 bytes)

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  DCP_7882.jpg (63262 bytes)  DCP_8064.jpg (55221 bytes) DCP_8111.jpg (34779 bytes)

From this: To this:
DCP_5063.jpg (88164 bytes)   DCP_5398.jpg (332890 bytes)
DCP_5064.jpg (114880 bytes) DCP_6002.jpg (90491 bytes)

From this: To this:
    Original 6 inch.jpg (13679 bytes)   DCP_6774.jpg (52749 bytes)
We have been privileged to have been offered this 6 1/2" Rushmore spot lamp as a pattern lamp prior to restoring it for its owner.  This size Rushmore, as spot lamps and head lamps is a part of our "up and coming new range" in our reproduction service.

From this: To this:
    DCP_6730.jpg (120044 bytes)   DCP_6869.jpg (129792 bytes)
Original black painted horns have never been finished to the standard needed for a polished brass horn.  Therefore these take many more hours to restore to a polished brass, rather than into another painted black horn.  But the finished product is well worth the extra labor cost.

From this: To this:

DCP_3907.jpg (114790 bytes)

DCP_3958.jpg (73402 bytes) DCP_3959.jpg (65094 bytes)

DCP_3961.jpg (39093 bytes) DCP_3960.jpg (39254 bytes)

DCP_3962.jpg (50239 bytes)  DCP_3970.jpg (72084 bytes)

DCP_3971.jpg (97261 bytes)   DCP_3972.jpg (77773 bytes)

They are E & J 656 headlamps, Victor sidelights, Corcoran tail light and a Rubes horn.

from this:

          Unrestored 2.jpg (32617 bytes)    Unrestored.jpg (27173 bytes)  

where you can see that these are masked up for painting:


Partly restored 2.jpg (46143 bytes)

Here you can see the completed side lamps and tail lamp, with silvered reflectors:


Restored side and tail lamps.jpg (51648 bytes)
Dark background 2.jpg (46784 bytes)

Here we have the view of unrestored and restored smoke bonnets:


Headlamps requiring mirrors 3.jpg (40852 bytes)

Restored head lamps awaiting their rear mirrors

Headlamps requiring mirrors.jpg (32308 bytes)

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Jno Brown

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From this to this.

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