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Spot Lamps

Rushmore Head Lamps

Now 4 sizes, measured across the front

The sizes are:

7 3/4"

8 3/4" 

9 3/4"

Dcp_0460 small.jpg (29090 bytes)

Dcp_0461 medium.jpg (28281 bytes)

Dcp_0458.jpg Large.jpg (27203 bytes)

Dcp_0498.jpg (28584 bytes)

Dcp_0503.jpg (33769 bytes)

Dcp_0507.jpg (28550 bytes)

and the forth size available is:  8 1/2".  This is the large body without the flair.  Similar to the 7 3/4". 

Rushmore measures the mirror for his quotes sizes, which makes it all very confusing.   

The 7 3/4" and the 8 3/4" have 165mm (6 1/2") glass mirror.  The new 8 1/2"  and the 9 3/4" has a 180mm (7 1/8") glass mirror.

The Rushmore logo is etched into the glass mirror as original.  The reflector mirror is 4mm thick glass and held in by a slightly modified ring.

Dcp_0302.jpg (18005 bytes)The 7 3/4" and the 8 3/4", measure 8 1/2" between the forks.  Dcp_0303.jpg (30420 bytes)

The 8 1/2" and the 9 3/4" measure 9" between the forks.

These head lamps have been left as brass, nickel plated and even gold plated.

DCP_5460.jpg (96742 bytes)  DCP_5462.jpg (96292 bytes)  DCP_5461.jpg (92558 bytes)  

Burners, and burner posts are an optional extra.

Nose.JPG (54429 bytes)

Quartz-hallogen replacement for gas burners..jpg (42393 bytes)These are made up as gas lamps, but can be fitted with electrical fittings if required at a small extra cost, as in the photo of the Jno Brown headlamps to the right.

These are being made up on order only.

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