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These are more detailed photos of the

Victor Generators

and how they are made

DCP_0121.jpg (53126 bytes)

Here are photos of completed generators for your investigation.

All this run of generators are sold.

Contact Kathy to ask about the next run of generators.

DCP_0122.jpg (50739 bytes)

To the right shows the separate tap components

 Generator tap components.jpg (8041 bytes)


wpe56509.gif (120061 bytes)


To the left shows lots of almost completed taps

Any questions just contact Kathy

wpe10862.gif (27214 bytes)

Dcp_0201.jpg (32834 bytes)

Above is the generator tap finished and awaiting its generator.

These generators, measuring:  height:  13 inches,  top tank diameter:  5 inches, bottom tank diameter:  6 1/2 inches, are handcrafted to the highest possible perfection.  

Dcp_0202.jpg (31472 bytes)

Contact Kathy direct.