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Brass Plating 

Some things can be successfully brass plated:

Usually these things are repaired, polished then copper plated first.

DCP_8241.jpg (86922 bytes)

DCP_8438.jpg (56763 bytes)

Some things may need several layers of heavy copper before they are ready for brass plating.   Copper plating flows onto the base metal, filling tiny blemishes and crevices and gives us something to "work" with. DCP_8481.jpg (39711 bytes)
DCP_8482.jpg (34933 bytes) DCP_8518.jpg (56160 bytes)

These parts are awaiting restoration.  You will notice an inconsistency of colour.  Some of the brass is quite orange.  We prepare these by repairing and polishing ready for copper then brass plating.

DCP_8566.jpg (66193 bytes)

When items come back from the electroplaters, they look worse than ever (left) until they have been polished.  (Right) polished & ready to install back on the car.

DCP_8567.jpg (55126 bytes)

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