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VAL Chemical Cleaning:

Veteran Auto Lamps has developed a chemical cleaning process which minimizes any potential damage to metal.

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Chemical cleaning, when handled correctly, is the first step in the restoration process, cleaning all nooks, crevices and inside.

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An example:
  DCP_6980.jpg (75343 bytes)  DCP_6977.jpg (91099 bytes) Damage due to improper chemical clening can be a long after removal from chemical balt to rest chemical entray. These lamps have come to us after someone else has chemically stripped them.  They have been in the chemical solution for too long and the different metals have dissolved out at different rates leaving the pitted effect detailed in the photos below.
DCP_6979 orange peal.jpg (9945 bytes)  DCP_6978 orange peal.jpg (118458 bytes) DCP_6975 orange peal.jpg (22632 bytes)
This entails much hand sanding and is not always completely reparable.  Please be careful if you are having your lamps stripped yourself.  We have received several items in this state and we can only repair this damage as best we can.  Below, left, is a successful section of repaired lamp rim.  Below, right, this rim is repaired to our best.  This has taken many man hours of labor.
DCP_6976.jpg (75654 bytes)   DCP_7024.jpg (90638 bytes)  DCP_7488.jpg (127895 bytes)