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Corcoran side mt Generator

DCP_8519.jpg (49960 bytes)

To the left is our pattern generator.  From this we have made casting patterns for the side mount brackets.  The gas outlet and the tap is different from the other generators we have manufactured.  And the wing nuts have been especially cast.

Below is the completed generator.  The right hand photo shows the mounting bracket in place.

DCP_8658.jpg (55228 bytes)

DCP_8688.jpg (9292 bytes)

DCP_8690.jpg (34956 bytes)

DCP_8713.jpg (82068 bytes)

DCP_8714.jpg (49626 bytes)

DCP_8743.jpg (89054 bytes)

Measurements of the E&J side mounted generator:

Height:  14"

Lower tank diameter:  6 1/4"

Top tank diameter:  5"